Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time Management

After spending the last week with my oldest son at College Orientation... (let's just say... MY BED at home is comfy... Dorm beds are like BRICKS) aside from the obvious, one thing that rings true are the facts of time management.

The instructors were trying to drive home the facts about college being a FULL TIME job, which it is, but LIFE is a full time job too, and it's what we do with our time that helps us accomplish our health goals. So, lets put some facts out there and see how well we're managing our time.

168 HOURS in a WEEK...
56 Hours (sleep 7days x 8 hours)
55 Hours (full time job 5 days x 8 hours plus travel time)
10 Hours (errands)
7 Hours (cleaning)
8 Hours (children / carpool) Total of 19 Hours left unaccounted for in a week.
10 Hours (cooking / clean up) What are your excuses????
3 Hours (church)
?? Showering, eating, exercising

Just how busy are you? Are you so busy you've begun relying on excuses? I'm trying NOT to cheat myself out of my goals by allowing my excuses to take priority. What are your excuses? Do you have time to exercise? Do you have time to meditate? Are you putting YOUR priorities in order? Are you taking the time for yourself or do you put everyone else first?

Something I've done in the past is mapped out my weekly schedule, I even color coded it to make sure I had balance in my life. You might find it valuable to just give it a try. Here's a key to help you process your week.
BLUE = Prayer Time / Devotional ~ Church
= Family/ Free Time
= Job - School
= Exercise
= Date Night
= Cleaning/ Errands… etc
= Anything Special to You

Don't have a week-at-a-glance? Well, you can make one. It's a simple table with 7 columns across and as many hour blocks down for rows as you wish, you can do it by the hour or by the half hour. Remember, this is YOUR day. My day starts at 5 and usually ends at 10 or 11 pm.

In my experience on the journey of healthy choices, I have discovered that eating at the same time everyday is beneficial to my body and making exercise a part of my daily routine has helped me feel better about myself. Even if your daily exercise is a walk to the mailbox or around the block, getting your body moving is a healthy choice.

I want to encourage you to look at your "busy" life and see how balance your day is. Be encouraged today. Have faith in yourself and PUSH through the challenges of life. Do you know the acronym for PUSH? Pray Until Something Happens!

You CAN reach your health goals. Together, WE CAN DO IT!!

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emotional Eating

As i come into the day before Graduation, my eyes well up with tears. How did my little boy grow up so fast? How is it that it JUST seems like I was graduating myself. Oh where, Oh where has the last 17 1/2 years gone? I know it's a celebration, a celebration of great accomplishment, a celebration of Great victory, for both myself, and my son. I couldn't be a more proud momma. As he prepares to head off to college, not only is he smart, athletic, and enthused.... he's still my little boy, even at 5'11", he'll ALWAYS be my little boy. With all these emotions, happy, sad, excited, nervous, a little mad, a little frustrated... Good, bad... whatever those emotions might be, I have recognized on this journey, that I AM AN EMOTIONAL EATER..... I eat in good, in bad, in stress, in happy, in sad. So, just because, just because my little boy is crossing that stage tomorrow night, doesn't give me the right to PIG out!!! I believe we are conditioned from the time we are young to celebrate with food.

Celebrations with food become a reward, we eat at church potlucks, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties... we celebrate together with fellowship and food. Think back over your years growing up, how often did you get to go out for ice cream when you got good grades or it was the last day of school? Food has been a reward in my household for years. I potty trained all three of my kids with m&m candies. (WHAT WAS I THINKING???) Now, as we open up our home to friends and family to celebrate Logan's Graduation, as always, the food spread is vast, although my mind is clear. I, for myself, am chosing what i put into my mouth, what I put on my plate, and what that bathing suit will look like in just a couple weeks at the lake.

My reward today is a haircut. I could go to starbucks for a Venti frappuccino with extra carmel because my emotion says.... "I DESERVE IT!!" my teary eyes say... " I DESERVE IT!!" however, the jeans that are feeling a little snug say... "STEAR CLEAR!!!" As I stepped up on that scale this morning, partly holding my breath, no lie, it was down a pound from yesterday. (THANK YOU JESUS!!!) I recognize each day that it is truly a choice what I put into my mouth, it is truly a choice that I make each day. I trust that your choices today will be healthy choices. Don't let your emotions rule what you put into your mouth! Take control, Be in control! Make Healthy Choices!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Be Careful who you listen to

Just because you're feeling good, doesn't mean that you can eat whatever you want! Learn from me... I'm up a few pounds, Ok, well 10 pounds, no lie! Be careful who you listen to because your closest friends may be sabotaging you by saying it's OKay to go out to lunch with them or have a fruity drink or .... whatever it may be. DO NOT MAKE excuses for yourself. YOU are the one who has to fit into your wardrobe, YOU are the one who might want to fit into a new bathing suit this summer. YOU are the one who has to see yourself naked in the mirror. Be careful who you listen to, they may NOT be the best encourager if they too are struggling with making healthy choices. You can do it. Decide TODAY to START FRESH!! you can reach your goal... even if you've been listening to the "OH, YOU LOOK GREAT, IT WILL BE OK".... it's a lie.. you may look great, but you want to reach your goal don't you? don't short change yourself. Don't give into peer pressure! So, be CAREFUL who you listen to!

Inspired to Blog

Well, since this is my first Blog, and I truly have NO idea what it is that I am doing. This is a good place to start. I have to give Karin and Doonie credit for their inspiration. Thanks ladies..... I had NO idea what I was missing out on. This journey of Healthy Choices truly is a DAILY choice. I start EVERY day with the choice to make the right decisions. I Choose every day to START FRESH, or start over. Along this journey my scale has screamed downward..... and then getting a little too comfortable with my healthy self, I have been tempted by the almighty powerful SUGAR cravings. Which currently have me under attack. BUT, NO MORE, NO MORE succumbing to the wicked ways of old. I love the way my jeans fit when i slip them on with too much room in the waist, I love the way my bikini fits when i put it on. The OLD bikini's are OUT THE DOOR!!! So, with this new BLOG... I'm hoping that YOU will hold me accountable.... That being honest with myself and others... will continue this journey of healthy choices to a better life. Life of skinny jeans, tank tops, itsy bitsy teeny weany yellow poka dot bikinis!!! So, from my journey to yours.... let's make Healthy Choices Today!!