Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inspired to Blog

Well, since this is my first Blog, and I truly have NO idea what it is that I am doing. This is a good place to start. I have to give Karin and Doonie credit for their inspiration. Thanks ladies..... I had NO idea what I was missing out on. This journey of Healthy Choices truly is a DAILY choice. I start EVERY day with the choice to make the right decisions. I Choose every day to START FRESH, or start over. Along this journey my scale has screamed downward..... and then getting a little too comfortable with my healthy self, I have been tempted by the almighty powerful SUGAR cravings. Which currently have me under attack. BUT, NO MORE, NO MORE succumbing to the wicked ways of old. I love the way my jeans fit when i slip them on with too much room in the waist, I love the way my bikini fits when i put it on. The OLD bikini's are OUT THE DOOR!!! So, with this new BLOG... I'm hoping that YOU will hold me accountable.... That being honest with myself and others... will continue this journey of healthy choices to a better life. Life of skinny jeans, tank tops, itsy bitsy teeny weany yellow poka dot bikinis!!! So, from my journey to yours.... let's make Healthy Choices Today!!

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  1. Even if others don't comment, you can be sure that they are being inspired by your notes. But even more important are getting those thoughts down!