Saturday, June 6, 2009

Be Careful who you listen to

Just because you're feeling good, doesn't mean that you can eat whatever you want! Learn from me... I'm up a few pounds, Ok, well 10 pounds, no lie! Be careful who you listen to because your closest friends may be sabotaging you by saying it's OKay to go out to lunch with them or have a fruity drink or .... whatever it may be. DO NOT MAKE excuses for yourself. YOU are the one who has to fit into your wardrobe, YOU are the one who might want to fit into a new bathing suit this summer. YOU are the one who has to see yourself naked in the mirror. Be careful who you listen to, they may NOT be the best encourager if they too are struggling with making healthy choices. You can do it. Decide TODAY to START FRESH!! you can reach your goal... even if you've been listening to the "OH, YOU LOOK GREAT, IT WILL BE OK".... it's a lie.. you may look great, but you want to reach your goal don't you? don't short change yourself. Don't give into peer pressure! So, be CAREFUL who you listen to!


  1. Really...look at myself naked in the mirror?!
    Will I get to a point when I actually do that??
    Can't imagine :)

  2. uh, well, that would be the reality i like to avoid! But yes, HONEY!!!! YOU TOO can look at yourself in the mirror NAKED!!! Just stick to program and let those unwanted pounds MELT AWAY!!!