Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emotional Eating

As i come into the day before Graduation, my eyes well up with tears. How did my little boy grow up so fast? How is it that it JUST seems like I was graduating myself. Oh where, Oh where has the last 17 1/2 years gone? I know it's a celebration, a celebration of great accomplishment, a celebration of Great victory, for both myself, and my son. I couldn't be a more proud momma. As he prepares to head off to college, not only is he smart, athletic, and enthused.... he's still my little boy, even at 5'11", he'll ALWAYS be my little boy. With all these emotions, happy, sad, excited, nervous, a little mad, a little frustrated... Good, bad... whatever those emotions might be, I have recognized on this journey, that I AM AN EMOTIONAL EATER..... I eat in good, in bad, in stress, in happy, in sad. So, just because, just because my little boy is crossing that stage tomorrow night, doesn't give me the right to PIG out!!! I believe we are conditioned from the time we are young to celebrate with food.

Celebrations with food become a reward, we eat at church potlucks, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties... we celebrate together with fellowship and food. Think back over your years growing up, how often did you get to go out for ice cream when you got good grades or it was the last day of school? Food has been a reward in my household for years. I potty trained all three of my kids with m&m candies. (WHAT WAS I THINKING???) Now, as we open up our home to friends and family to celebrate Logan's Graduation, as always, the food spread is vast, although my mind is clear. I, for myself, am chosing what i put into my mouth, what I put on my plate, and what that bathing suit will look like in just a couple weeks at the lake.

My reward today is a haircut. I could go to starbucks for a Venti frappuccino with extra carmel because my emotion says.... "I DESERVE IT!!" my teary eyes say... " I DESERVE IT!!" however, the jeans that are feeling a little snug say... "STEAR CLEAR!!!" As I stepped up on that scale this morning, partly holding my breath, no lie, it was down a pound from yesterday. (THANK YOU JESUS!!!) I recognize each day that it is truly a choice what I put into my mouth, it is truly a choice that I make each day. I trust that your choices today will be healthy choices. Don't let your emotions rule what you put into your mouth! Take control, Be in control! Make Healthy Choices!!!

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  1. Oh yeah you deserve "it"!! Getting a child to graduation isn't a for sure thing any more and liking that child is frosting on the cake.(sorry couldn't resist the food metafor) Oh and those frappe's were what helped me to MF too. I am taking the cappuccino whipping it up with water, ice, torani's and it is a pretty believeable substitute. Hope you are planning more that just veges at that spread for you to eat... Have fun, cry, take pictures and focus on him not the food.